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This year's Eager Reader program will be
Monday, January 9, 2023 - Friday, February 10, 2023
Enjoy 5 weeks of Eager Reader! Read every day to earn up      to 3 new books! Eager Reader's goal is to build daily       reading habits outside of school. 

Eager Reader

Design a Bookmark Contest!

We are excited to announce that Eager Reader — a Discovery favorite — is just a few weeks away! This popular reading program motivates daily reading habits and lets students earn NEW books that they select themselves…all for FREE!

And of course these new books will need a bookmark, so every student participating will receive a FREE bookmark! And as a fun treat, this year’s bookmark will be designed by a Discovery student!

All Discovery students are encouraged to design a bookmark! If your student would like to submit a design for a chance to be our featured bookmark artist, please follow the steps below:

1. Print a blank bookmark template here, or create your own, ensuring that the bookmark dimensions are 2 inches wide by 7.25 inches tall. 

2. Only ONE submission per student; designs need to be ORIGINAL ARTWORK (no copyrighted material) and MUST be designed and created by the student. 

3. Bookmark designs can be in color or black and white; keep in mind that designs will need clear handwriting (not too small!) if desired, and designs shouldn’t be overly intricate as they may not reproduce properly.  

4. Digital art designs are acceptable as long as they are created by the student. 

5. Your student’s full name and grade need to be included with the bookmark design but NOT written within the 2x7.25 bookmark design area. 

6. Designs will be due no later than the end of the school day on Thursday, December 8th. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

7. Designs will need to be submitted in physical form (no email submissions allowed) on any type of paper that is able to be copied and/or scanned. Turn in your completed bookmark in the designated basket at the Discovery Library.

Start designing today! Discovery staff will vote and select one winner to have their bookmark be a part of our 2023 Eager Reader program!




Event Overview

  • Parents log their child's reading minutes on their PTSA account. The more days they read, the more book prizes they can earn!
  • All reading materials count towards Eager Reader minutes, such as books, graphic novels, newspapers, magazines and other student reading homework. Independent reading or being read out loud to counts too!
  • Minutes read during school hours, with the exception of initial Eager Reader Kick-Off Day, are not eligible.
  • Click on "Prizes" on top menu bar for details.

Getting Started

  • Register your student by clicking on "Register" on top menu bar.
  • Please verify student grade and teacher information. We must have the correct information to award prizes.


Any questions?

Please email any questions to our Eager Reader team at  Teachers will not have specific Eager Reader information.

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