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Holiday Gift Barn

Bringing joy and happiness to families during this holiday season.
Did you know there are students in Issaquah Schools who are in need this holiday season?
Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank provides donations to 1,300 children so their families can have a great holiday season too. See their goal and progress here.
Discovery PTSA, along with other ISD schools, is hosting a gift card drive as an easy way for Discovery families to donate to other families in need.
Students can drop off $25 gift cards to Fred Meyer, Target, or Amazon in the locked PTSA box in the hallway near the main office now through Tuesday, 11/22/22.
Another option is to donate directly online to the Holiday Gift Barn. This is an effective option if you participate in employee matching or need a receipt. Note in their comment section 'Holiday Gift Barn.'
Thank you for your generosity to help local families!

We are excited once again to collect gifts for the Holiday Gift Barn, a special program of the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank during the holiday season, that helps local families with holiday cheer through the giving and sharing of gifts.

In the past, Discovery families donated over 200 new gifts to the Holiday Gift Barn. Thank you for making a difference. Please know all the gifts stay local and support children in need. 

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