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Golden Acorn Award Recipients 2022-2023

Each year, our Discovery PTSA recognizes people who are exemplary volunteers, educators and advocates in the Discovery community. We extend a special congratulations to our winners and we are so appreciative of all our amazing volunteers, educators and advocates. 

The Awards Categories

Golden Acorn for Volunteers - for volunteers who have given outstanding service to all children in the school community, for service “above and beyond”.

Maha S. 

Maha is awarded the Golden Acorn Volunteer Award. A quote from her nomination: "Maha is such a joy to be around. I met Maha this fall as her son was starting kindergarten, which is a busy transition time for most families. But, Maha jumped right in and started volunteering. She has been in the library, in her son's classroom, helping monthly at Popcorn Friday, and volunteering at our PTSA events during the school day and family events in the evening plus probably more that I don't even know about! Currently, she is taking lead on this year's Multicultural Night and without her, the event would not likely be coming together this year. I appreciate when volunteers don't just say 'let me know how I can help', but jump in like Maha and bring in their ideas and leadership along with a friendly personality. I appreciate Maha so much and know this year wouldn't have been the same without her. She is a treasure and I can only hope she continues to be a part of our Discovery community because our whole school - families, students, and staff - benefit from her friendly smile, time and dedication."


Pooja T.

Pooja is awarded the Golden Acorn Volunteer Award. A quote from her nomination: "Pooja has been volunteering at Discovery in a variety of roles for 5 years. She can be found every Wednesday in the library, helping plan and execute class parties, chaperoning field trips, and distributing books for Eager Reader, just to name a few of the ways she volunteers. The best part about Pooja? She is a ray of sunshine, always happy and smiling. We are so lucky to have her at Discovery."


Katie R.

Katie is awarded the Golden Acorn Volunteer Award. A quote from her nomination: "Katie has always made herself available to volunteer in the classroom as well as for events around this school and for the PTSA. She is always friendly, helpful and ready and willing to work. From making cookies for Holiday Cookies for Staff to hosting a game booth at Trick or Treat Trail, Katie has been a wonderful asset to making this school as great as it is. Katie deserves to receive the Golden Acorn Award for Outstanding Volunteer because she has dedicated many years to Discovery Elementary, and the positive experience that parents and children have had at the school."


Outstanding Educator - for individuals who go beyond the normal expectations of their jobs to make the learning environment fun, beneficial and challenging.

Megan Leonard

Ms. Leonard is a Discovery 3rd grade teacher and is awarded the Outstanding Educator Award. A quote from her nomination: "Ms. Leonard demonstrated excellence in teaching. She is very effective in classroom management; she led the student with great empathy. She has positive impact and I hear from my son as well as working as volunteer that she is passionate about teaching and how she managed to build strong bond with each student in the class. It is very evident when your kids are excited to go to school every day and always comes back with big smile on his face."

Patricia Brewer 

Ms. Patricia is a Discovery ECE Preschool teacher and is awarded the Outstanding Educator Award. A quote from her nomination: "Patricia goes above and beyond to educate and help my son. She is a tireless champion for him at school and I will be forever grateful for her continued encouragement and belief in him. Patricia is steadfast and so patient with all her students and truly pours herself into her job. She frequently thinks “outside the box” to come up with ways to better the educational experience and I am so impressed with her ideas. My son in her class is my fourth child so I have witnessed many educators through the years and while all were wonderful, Patricia is the standout among them - simply the best and she deserves recognition for the incredibly hard, and often thankless, work she does! Ms. Brewer has been an outstanding teacher. She cares a lot about her students…. She shows a lot of passion and confidence too in her class that make us all feel safer as parents."


Outstanding Advocate - for individuals who serve ALL children through a commitment to help create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of children and youth.

Hilda Ruiz

Hilda Ruiz serves as a paraprofessional in Discovery's ECE Preschool Program and is awarded the Outstanding Advocate Award. A quote from her nomination: "Hilda = joy! One of the ECE bus drivers was observing Hilda and said, 'She must be one of the kids' favorite teachers!' Such a true statement; Hilda brings joy and enthusiasm every day to the ECE classrooms. She has a big heart, always there to give a hug or high five and celebrate the big and little events. Hilda also has a lot of knowledge of special education strategies (teaching and behavior focused) that she is willing to share with all staff members."


Please congratulate our winners when you see them at Discovery!


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