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  • Log the reading for your student(s) on the link above. 
  • The Eager Reader reading program runs 1/6/23-2/10/23.
  • Weekly logs will lock on Sunday nights at 10pm for the previous week so log your reading as frequently as possible or by the end of each weekend. 
  • The final day to log reading will be on 2/11/23 at 10pm.
  • There is no prize for reading the most minutes and no pressure to read as much as possible as Eager Reader is a fun reading incentive program to build daily reading habits and earn books as prizes plus a chance to win individual or classroom prizes. 
  • If the day is busy and a student only gets a chance to read for a few minutes, that still counts as reading for that day! Parents log minutes which counts as that day's reading. Our Discovery PTSA is counting days a student has read, not minutes recorded. 
  • All reading counts - family read alouds, independent reading, any type of material - books, audiobooks, graphic novels, magazines.


Grade level Recommended Reading Minutes/day Days to read to earn book prize #1 Days to read to earn book prize #2 Days to read to earn book prize #3
Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2, ECE (preschool) and TK (Transitional Kindergarten)  20 min /day 0 0-29 days 30-36 days
Grades 3, 4 & 5 30 min /day  0 0-29 days 30-36 days

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