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We have a school full of Eager Readers!

All classes came back to Eager Reader this week for their 2nd book of their choice and an additional 3rd book for those that recorded their reading for the majority of the Eager Reader time. This means our students are taking home and enjoying at least 1,200 new books!

Congratulations to the class winners!

The class that won for each grade level had the highest average reading days recorded and classmates participating in Eager Reader. The grade level winners are:

Kindergarten – Ms. Ducoing

1st grade – Ms. Greene

2nd grade – Ms. Gerrity

3rd grade – Ms. Somnis

4th grade – Ms. Platt

5th grade – Ms. Hsia

These winning classes have earned a bonus recess after we return to school in early March!

Grade level winners!

The grade level winners were randomly selected so all those participating in Eager Reader had a chance to win. Congratulations to the following winners!

1st grade: Kathy in Ms. Kim’s class

2nd grade: Eva in Ms. Figone’s class

3rd grade: Rafay in Ms. Leonard’s class

4th grade: Tanmay in Mr. Besbeas’ class

5th grade: Meghana in Ms. Schneider’s class


Each student won a gift card to buy more books at Brick & Mortar Books in Redmond!

Thank you to Discovery for all the support so every student could come select their own book. Thank you to all the families for taking time to record reading on our PTSA site.


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