• Microsoft matches your donations made to Discovery Elementary PTSA (like Walk-a-Thon)?
  • Microsoft matches gifts of time as well as money?
  • When employees give time at SES, Microsoft will donate $17 per hour?!!
  • You can request a match for donations of time or money from12 months ago?
  • You can process everything online at your corporate intranet at http://give

Volunteer Time Match

  1. Go to http://give , click on “Give Time”
  2. If you’re new to the system, click on the “Record Hours” button and follow the directions; if returning you’ll see previous organizations listed.
  3. Choose “Discovery Elementary School of Issaquah, PTSA″ (EIN: 943152614)
  4. Add hours until you reach the minimum initial number (10) – you can request match at any time after that.

For $ Donation Match

  • Go to http://give click “Give Money”
  • Select the type of donation
  • Select how to match the donation:
  • Select the organization. Enter “Discovery Elementary PTSA” on the Search page and choose "Discovery Elementary School of Issaquah, PTSA".
  • Fill in the form - be sure to note the purpose (Fun Run, General, Auction etc.)  Donations are matched quarterly.

Every little bit counts!  Please Match!