The Art Docent Program is volunteer led art instruction. Docents teach art once a month in students’ classrooms K-5th grade. Docents introduce a variety of artists and expose student to multiple artistic mediums, including clay, collage, painting, sculpture, printing making, and drawing.

In the Issaquah School District art education is underfunded so parent volunteers fill the gap. The Art Docent Program strives to bring art education to all students at Discovery. There are four art lesson goals: 1) Introduce students to the elements/principles of design; 2) Teach artistic techniques; 3) Teach and encourage thinking skills—creative, critical and problem solving–using the artistic process; 4) Teach and encourage students to communicate through the arts.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

We recruit one/two art docent volunteers for each classroom.

Volunteers are asked to plan, coordinate and implement one age-appropriate art lesson per month in his/her assigned classroom. Volunteers are provided with lesson bins and program support. Volunteers should have a passion for the arts, enjoy working with kids in the classroom, and be able to work cooperatively with other volunteers and teachers.

Other opportunities to volunteer include:
Art Show (Date June 1st, 2018)

If you want to help we will find the right job for you! Please contact the chairs to help with this program.

Collaboration among parents, teachers, and art leaders creates a powerful constituency advocating for arts programs in schools. Children deserve the opportunity to explore and think about their world in a variety of ways. It is through exploration, experience, and relationships that elementary age children make sense of the world. By observing, touching, manipulating, and describing children learn. The Art Docent Program gives students hands-on learning experiences that are so valuable to their development. It also gives them an opportunity to express their feelings and ideas freely in a variety of mediums because it is process oriented; this is true creative thinking!