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WELCOME to the 2019-2020 school year! BECOME A PTSA MEMBER today.


Discovery PTSA's

2019 Annual Fall Fundraiser

October 15-31, 2019



 What are the prizes?

  • Chromebook Laptop
  • Kindle Paperwhite (waterproof)
  • KiddieZoom Smart Watch
  • RC 4-Wheel Drive
    Stunt Car
  • Gift card for Pagliacci Pizza
  • Birthday party at Kidz Bounce
  • Extra recess or P.E. for your class
  • Spike Ball Set
  • Pokemon Card Set
  • Bring 2 friends to play a board game with
    Mr. Huss
  • Audio-Pet Bluetooth Speaker
  • Quadcopter Camera Drone
  • Harry Potter Lego Set
  • Movie Night VIP: you select the movie and keep the DVD
  • Movie Night VIP-2: reserved seating & a movie snack pack
  • Silly string the Principal or your teacher
  • Woodland Park Zoo Family Fun Pack plus a private tour with Ms. Ducoing as your guide
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Instax Mini Camera
    with 15 accessories
  • DEFY (Flying Circus) passes
  • Lunch with a staff member
  • Board Game Party for your class
  • Passes to Vertex Arena Air & Battle Sports
  • Pizza with the Principal
  • 22-channel Walkie Talkie Set
  • Lunch & game with Ms. Darnell
  • Mr. Huss hosts playing the board game he designed plus invite 2 friends

 How does my student enter to win? Your donation form is the key to entry (please note that a donation is not required to participate in the raffle). Simply give permission for your student to enter the raffle on the donation form, and they'll be included in the prize drawing!

 And the winners are... Winners will be announced during lunch announcements on 10/18, 10/25 & 11/1 ; winners will also be posted to the PTSA's social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) and website. Parents will be contacted to collect prizes. For students who win classroom experiences, those prizes will be scheduled during the year at a time convenient for the teachers/staff members. 

OCT 18th winners:

  • Ken C., 2nd Grade: Kindle
  • Violet D., 2nd Grade: Penguin Speaker
  • Amelle H., 3rd Grade: Bluetooth Headphones
  • David H., 1st Grade: Walkie Talkies
  • Henry M., 1st Grade: Vtech Watch
  • Sadie B., 1st Grade: Spike Ball Set
  • Jacob C., 5th Grade: 2 Passes to DEFY Flying Circus
  • Yash R., 1st Grade: Family Fun Zoo Pack and Private Tour with Ms. Ducoing
  • Nikhil P., 4th Grade: Movie Night VIP Seating and Snack Pack
  • Kailyn W., Kindergarten: Extra Recess for Her Class

OCT 25th winners:

  • Jula C., 5th Grade: Kindle
  • SaiRaghav D., 4th Grade: Quadcopter Camera Drone
  • Jetty H., 1st Grade: Kidz Bounce Party 
  • Samayra L., 3rd Grade: Instax Camera
  • Brady L., 2nd Grade: RC Car
  • Nishka M., 3rd Grade: Extra Recess for Class
  • Yaya S., 3rd Grade: 2 Passes to DEFY Flying Circus
  • Daniel M., 2nd Grade: Silly String the Principal
  • Max R., 5th Grade: Sony Speaker
  • Claire Y., 1st Grade: VTech Smartwatch 
  • Alex Y., Kindergarten: Pokemon Card Set

Last Friday, the following Discovery students were winners in our final week of prizes:

  • Maya B., 4th Grade: Chromebook Laptop
  • Andre C., Kindergarten: Walkie Talkies
  • Amy D., 2nd Grade: Vtech Watch
  • Aneesh I., 1st Grade: RC Car
  • Vihaan J., 3rd Grade: Harry Potter Lego Set
  • Colleen P., 4th Grade: Animal Bluetooth Speaker
  • Arjun K., 4th Grade: 2 Passes to Vertex
  • Alex A., 4th Grade: 2 Passes to Vertex
  • Owen A., 4th Grade: 2 Passes to Vertex
  • Derek X., 2nd Grade: 2 Passes to Vertex
  • Gabriella K., 2nd Grade: 2 Passes to Vertex
  • Chen C., 3rd Grade: $50 Pagliacci Gift Card
  • Anvika R., Kindergarten: Lunch and Game with Ms. Denise
  • Boran W., 2nd Grade: Pick Movie for Movie Night AND keep the DVD
  • Navya J., Kindergarten: VIP Seating and Snack Pack for Movie Night
  • Sizhe Z., 4th Grade: Game Time with Mr. Huss
  • Brayden D., 5th Grade: Game Time with Mr. Huss
  • Viraja K., Kindergarten: Pizza Lunch with Principal Keegan
  • Jibran S., 4th Grade: Bluetooth Headphones 

GRAND PRIZE Opportunity! If we meet our goal of $40,000, the entire school will be awarded a GRAND PRIZE: the PTSA will host a FREE movie night for the entire family, featuring a blockbuster movie and popcorn! 


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The mission of the Discovery PTSA is to advocate, support and enrich our students with educational programs and community building activities in partnership with teachers, staff, parents and the local community.

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